Monday, September 1, 2008

My big news

Hello friends
My big news is that I have recently visited Japan. I stayed there from July 31st to August 11th. I visited Tokyo, Fukuoka and Nagasaki. I visited some interesting places there like Tokyo Tower and the Atomic Bomb museum. Japan is a very beautiful country and people there are very helpful and polite.
I have just bought a new TV for my son. His old TV was not working properly, so he needed a new one to play video games. I bought it at Fnac. Oh, I have also bought a new box of a famous TV series - Heroes. I started watching it this weekend and I really like it. Have you watched Heroes already?
Hope to read your news soon!


Yohanna Back said...

My brother Yan has gotten sick. He isn`t good. He had to take vaccine, but he didn`t get much better.
My cousin has passed the entrance exam. He got very happy. My family made a big party for him.
My father has lost his cell phone. He got unhappy. He lost it in a party at Lago Sul.
I have broken my computer. My mother got furious with me and said that I will be in punishment for a long time. I got sad because I have a party next weekend.

Luísa Noleto said...

Dear Erika,
I have great news! I've been to Disney. I went there with my friends in July and it was amazing! This trip was the best of my life.My mother has received the Pacifier Medal. She received the medal on Monday and all my family is proud. My handball team has won the School Games of Distrito Federal. Last year, we lost the games, but this year it was different and we're the winners. In September, we'll go to Poços de Caldas for JEBS. Oh, I've gotten 10on my English test at school. I received the test today and I'm very happy! I'm hope I will have more news soon to tell to you, but I'm waiting for your news, I'm curious! Kisses, Luísa.

Lucas said...

I have gone with my school to Ouro Preto an Tiradents. We traveled in August. In Ouro Preto, I bought somethings. I swam with my friends, play volleyball and walked a lot.
My mother has bought a new car, the car is black. She bought in July.
My sisterhas participated of a new basketball league. Her team is the CECAN and she was tah smallest girl in her team because she is only eleven years old.
My grandfather has come to stay with my family in Brasília, he had bought some presents to me, my mother, my sister, my father and my uncles.

Diogo said...

Dear teacher Erika,
My life is good right now. I've seen the results of my History exam. I got the highest grade. My school has started building a new building. Everybody was excited, and waiting for the end of the construction. My friends have fought because Batata let Miguel furious. They fought during the Portuguese class. And I traveled to Ouro Preto in July. It was good. We saw a lot of churches and museums. Write back please.


Mariana said...

Dear Erika,
Well, I've just seen some results of my school tests and for now I didn't pass only in history. I almost go 100 in english =D .Ah, I'm happy because I've invited my friend to come to my house on saturday and she has just said to me that she will come , and I'm excited too because my uncles and my cousins have invited me to go to a Beatles's concert... My cousins and I have a lot of fun together. I've just learned some new guitar songs too...Yesterday i learned to play "Time" from Pink Floyd and "Knock'n on Heaven's Door" from Bob Dylan... I'm excited too because I've just been invited to go to a 15 year old birthday by a old friend...
Well, This is it... XD
Kisses! ♪


Maria Gabriela Morais said...

Dear teacher,
My life is absolutely fantastic right now. My parents have just received our new table. They bought it last month and it was my mother's dream: an amazing table. I am really happy because I've just started a course called Dinatos. I started it because my father told me it's important and because I really want to take good grades in the test I'll take in the end of the year called PAS.Oh, yeah! And my best friend has started a new relantionship. The guy was our friend and we met him a long time ago. The bad thing is that my tests have just started. I didn't have time to study for all of them and the biggest problem was that they were really, really difficult. But I'll stop talking about me. I want to know about what is happening to you now. Send me an email and tell me everything!

A big kiss


Isabela said...

Dear Erica,
Life is normal like always. At school i've seen yhe resutls of may math test and my teacher said "your grades were just fallinh down". I told him that i was aware of it and my friend Lucas has just said he will help me. Lucas has gotten the best grade in all subjects in our class since he has satrted to study with us. Yesterday, something very bad happened. Someone took away my mom's bag with all documents. Oh! And i have one more thing to say. Last week i bought two tickets on Internet for anywhere i want to go. Do you want one of the tickets? You can buy it for 250 dollars from me. Think about , ok?

kisses, Isabela

Sthefani lara said...

I have some news. I´ve just seen the results of my math text.My grade was execelent. I´ve got 8,5 points and my parents got very satisfied. My old dog Suzy has had a surgery but she´s fine now. That´s a miracle because she's 12.I'm going to travel with my friends on September 22. We're going to São Paulo because we are finally finishing the 8 grade.We will have a lot of fun and great experiences. My friend, Isabela, is going to be 15 next week. we are planing a special surprise party. That will be great.My best friend has broken up with her boyfriend.She broke up with him this morning.

Renata said...
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Renata said...

Dear teacher,
I have some news for you!I've bought a new iPod,I bought at FNAC on Saturday,I don't know the price because while I was getting the money,my father paid for me.I've gotten my ear piercied.I'm so happy because my mother didn't want this,but I made her change her mind.It's so beautiful and I'm loving it!Also,Larissa,my best school friend,has fallen in love with Matheus,my best friend too!He´s her ex boy friend,they have been in love for five years,and they only had a relationship three years ago,but they are the most beautiful couple that I've seen in all my life.And the best news is that I've passed in my math exam!I was thinking that my grade was horrible,because this subject is difficult to me,but I studied so much for this test and I got what I wanted.Well,that's it.Write me about your news,right?

Luísa Di Mambro said...

Dear Erika,
What a cool Tv!! HAHAHA. Well, I have good and bad news...

My cousin has just hit his car. It was august 12,tuesday. He was driving past 112 south. Now, he is on the ICU. I'm worried.
I have had an argument with my friend, but she apologized right after it! I think she knew she was wrong...
I have moved into my new house. It's very big and white! My mom anted it all white.
I have been in Espírito Santo for vacation, and I enjoyed it a lot. I go there 2 or 3 times a year, but this time was better, the weather was incredible!

Laísa Lima. said...

Dear teacher,
My big news is that my handball team has won JEBS!And in the end of September, we are going to Poços de Caldas to play against other countries in JEBS.We are training so hard, and if we win it, we will be the best infantile team of Brazil!
My other news, is that two friends of mine have had an argument and I don't know what it is about, but I think it's about something really stupid, so I don't talk about it with anybody.
Oh, and I have seen "Dead Poets Society". I cried in the end of this film, but I really LOVED it. It's so interesting, beautiful, awesome!Well, if you didn't see it yest, I guess you will like to see it.
And my last news, is that the week of tests have just finished!I'm so happy, because I was tired of being worried about it.Finally, I can rest.Kiss,

Laísa Lima said...

ps: my handball team has won JEDF, and we'll play JEBS in Poços de Caldas!

clara proença said...

Dear Erika,

My big news is that my best friend has gotten a new boyfriend. Well, he is her first boyfriend and she is very happy. They started dating one or two weekends ago.
In my house, everyting is ok, except for my room. It's a mess! I almost can't find some of my clothes anymore. My father is really angry and he said that, on Saturday, we're going to organize it.
One more big news: my father told me that he saw my friend Lucas at school. I finally found him in Brasília! It's been almost seven years that I haven't seen him anymore; because he and I lost our phones numbers and address.
And my computer is fine again! It was infested by a lot of virus. I was so sad without my computer... I can't live without it.

Bye, Clara :)

Carolina Torres said...

Hi teacher!
You asked for my big news, here they are:

It was my birthday. I went to a pizza parlor with my family. It was very fun; we laughet a lot.

My mother has given me a wonderful watch. It's pink and metallic and it has a butterfly in the middle.

My father has given me a lamp. He gave me because a long time ago I told him that I would love to have one.

My school has sent me a letter. The letter said that I'm a good student and they were very pround of me. Then I was very pround of myself. (XD)

Good bye
See you next class!!

gabriela padrao juvenile 77 said...

Dear teacher,
My life is amazing this month. I've just seen the results of my history exam.It was just perfect.I got an A and my parents said they were very proud of me.And my mom has just told me that we're going to travel to New York and Washington.I was very happy.I started to scream.My friend has jut fallen in love.She met him at the shopping mall.She fall in love when she saw him.And I'm so happy for her.Another news is that I've jut bought a new Ipod.I bought it last week and i just loved it.It is a green one.Please don't forget to tell me your news.
Gabriela Padrão

Anonymous said...

Hello teacher,
My life is so perfect.I've just seen the results of my Geograpy exam.I got 100% and my teacher was surprised.I'm very anxious because I have received invitations for two parties, and one is a surprise party.I am very excited.Another news, my mother has traveled to São Paulo.She traveled by plane and arrived this Friday here in Brasília.I'm waiting for many presents.OH, and the best news, my best friend has just fallen in love,it's so comic! She's never taked to him and she is in love with him! That's all!
kiss, camila.